Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since our last blog post. To be honest, our SEO team have been whingeing at me for some time to refresh our content, so let this be my new year’s resolution! Given that this is a fallow-time for Grand Prix racing, our attention naturally turns to our suppliers (hotels to you and me). Without the ability to source the best places to stay then our company would not be what it is. So getting on the phone is important.

I have travelled extensively through Europe, and am lucky to have family in Bilbao and Madrid. But despite all of this, Hungary is not a country i have ever visited. This year that is going to change, as we are running our inaugural Hungarian Grand Tour! One of the reasons I’m so excited about this road trip is because of the potential route options it gives us. Almost all of the best driving roads you can imagine are there for the taking. Want to drive the Nordschliefe? we’re staying in Baden-Baden on the first night! Want to drive the Stelvio Pass? we’re going past there on the Tuesday! one suspicion is that a 4-hour drive on a normal day could quickly turn into 9 hour drives as guests go out of their way to do all of them.

….and then there’s the hotels! We work very very hard to find locations that are both upscale and able to accommodate 60 guests and 30 cars. This is easy in Monaco or Madrid, less easy in places like Graz. What that means is that occasionally we have to accept a quality lower than we would like, but we try to compensate for this by spending bit more on other hotels. That’s why we’ve booked The Intercontinental in Davos, and the Grand Wien in Vienna. These are seriously beautiful locations, and if The Intercontinental in Davos is good enough for Macron, May and Trump, it’s probably god enough for us too.

I’ll post some more detail in the next blog post, but hopefully this is something to whet your whistle.