Formula One Testing from Barcelona

The first shoots of the Grand Prix season usually come earlier than the unseasonably balmy weather we’re experiencing in Blighty right now. It also marks a very important date for our company as it won’t be long before our guests roll-up for their pre-chunnel briefing. While the marshals at Barcelona are dusting off their resplendent orange uniforms, here at GPGT Towers we’re calling up hotels and confirming they’ve organised their 30 twin rooms and 60 servings of bacon and eggs for a random Tuesday morning in June. I’m not sure which is more fun.

The year before last I followed testing quite closely and, seeing that Ferrari had the quickest car, i decided to punt £100 on 10-1 for the championship. 10-1 might seem pretty long odds this year, but the bookies clearly don’t follow F1 testing as closely as they should. Fortunately I closed out my position early and took my better half for a night out with my winnings. This year, I should be so lucky. So who’s looking quick? Renault seemed to be doing a few glory-runs last week, and seem nowhere yesterday and today. Mercedes could quite possibly be refusing to show their hand, and why should they. But one team that stands out is McLaren. I’ve been following Lando Norris for a few years now, and I seriously rate Carlos Sainz, and of course I’d love to see McLaren return to their winning ways too. Is it too early to hope, to dream? Being a lifelong Everton fan, should I know better? Probably, but where’s the fun in that?!

Our first road trip to a Grand Prix this year is Barcelona. I missed it last year, so hopefully I’ll be back on duty in May. What’s my dream podium? Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz? Do I want to see Lewis romp to another easy title? yes and no really. Nothing quite beats the heart-in-mouth moments of the last corners of his first WDC at Interlagos all those years ago, or battling with Nico Rosberg in Bahrain. If I were a betting man I’d say its a three-way fight….Lewis, Max, Seb (hopefully in that finish order too!).