Carlos Sainz McLaren on fire australian grand prix 2019

Halfway Through The Australian GP

So we’re only halfway and the staff here at GPGT Towers have found an opportunity to chuck out a quick post. So what are we seeing so far? Well, the McLaren F1 car looks a bit smokey in the hands of Carlos Sainz Jr, but with Lando Norris its more than a match for the Alfo Romeo driven by Antonio Giovanazi. Admittedly the Alfa Romeo F1 car was on knackered tyres so lets not be too judgmental.

Further towards the front of the pack, Lewis Hamilton seems to be inexplicably struggling for pace. Martin Brundle made the good point that the teams had almost no knowledge of these harder tyres, so that could explain it. However, Mad Max Verstappen swept past Sebastian Vettel with relative ease. It was helped by a small mistake from Vettel but what was clear is that the Honda engine may almost be a match for Ferrari.

More to follow…..