British GP 2019

Brilliant British Grand Prix

With some strong qualifying performances from Gasly, Norris, and Ricciardo, the British Grand Prix was set to be a great. Silverstone did not disappoint! The first four laps of duelling between Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas was reminiscent of Lewis and Nico Rosberg in Bahrain. It was unfortunate that Hamilton gained the advantage by a fortuitously timed safety car but, given his supreme tyre management, this was a race he probably would have won anyway. Once the order at the front was settled, the real action began to unfold.

The strongly qualifying Gasly and Leclerc meant that both Red Bulls and both Ferraris were in a race between themselves. First to go were Verstappen and Leclerc; spending numerous laps fight hard but (almost) fair. There was a bit of moving in the braking zone from Leclerc and a bit of complaining from Verstappen though, one suspects, he knew he wasn’t in a position to complain. Once passed he set his sights on Vettel, and he was soon past the lead Ferrari. Verstappen needed to defend as Vettel searched for a way past. Verstappen covered off the inside line through Vale but had almost no way of making the turn, he moved right, then fractionally left. The only space was on the outside, and as he moved across it was the moment Verstappen began his braking. A spectacular clash was inevitable, with Vettel coming off worse. Third place was gifted to a well deserving Leclerc. Vettel, unusually, was magnanimous in defeat, apologising to Verstappen and accepting responsibility.