Opportunity for Incredible Scenic Car Tours

Car drives are mostly filled with thrills. The independence of stopping at picturesque views to capture the scenic beauty and adding them to your touring album is a bliss. Grand Prix Grand Tours brings to you a delightful excuse to go on vacation. Our scenic car tours unleash the most exotic driving holidays that you will cherish throughout your life.

We plan the most exhilarating and adventurous trips for you. Taking you to the attractive passes in Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland, we cover the most charming and breathtaking sceneries of nature.

Famous Handpicked Passes Of Our Tours

Italy: We cover the Stelvio mountain pass that borders Switzerland. Another pass that comes in the Eastern group of the Graian Pass called as Nivolet Pass is there on our list of tourism in Italy.

France: Mount Ventoux, a windy mountain range in France and the famous Route Napoleon exist in our itinerary of scenic drives.

Austria: Our tourism service take you to the highest surfaced mountain pass Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria. You can also enjoy the marvelous views of the famous and beautiful Nockalm Road.

Switzerland: Like all the other carefully filtered serene drives, we have brought to you the Fukra Pass and Bernina Pass in Switzerland.

If you are super enthusiastic about grand races, we are the best tours that you’ve chosen. We can arrange for you routes that go through the exclusive Grand Prix circuits like Saltsburg Ring, Reims and Pau.

At Grand Prix Grand Tours we make sure that your accommodation is arranged in the best hotels with options for continental cuisines. So, book your itinerary today with our scenic car tours. For any other information, feel free to call us. We will furnish you with the exact information of Grand Prix Grand Tours.