Hotel Belle Epoque Baden-Baden

Hungarian Grand Tour – Baden-Baden

As the Belgian rain cleared, a sunny afternoon drive from Ghent to Baden-Baden was exactly what we needed. A warm shower, followed by a cold beer and some hot schnitzel was motivating everyone to get a wiggle on. Fortunately we were on the autobahn, so getting a wiggle on is both easy and legal. The drive through picturesque German hamlets, and then crossing the Rhine was absolutely stunning. The early part of our driving holiday was feeling distinctly civilised. And then we got to Baden-Baden…

The Hotel Belle Epoque in the spa town of Baden-Baden was a real treat. The staff were fantastic, and also keen to have several Porsches parked out front. Half the group were upgraded to suites overlooking the manicured lawns and fountains. So when they strolled out, resplendent in their dinner suites, it didn’t look as strange as it could have done.

As half the group headed to the Baden-Baden Casino, the rest of us strolled into town. We sat outside Amadeus Restaurant on Sophienstraße, watching the world go by while drinking steins of lager and drinking the aforementioned schnitzel. No first day on a road trip is complete without a trip to the nearest Irish Bar, especially is that Irish Bar is open until 2am. It wasn’t until breakfast that we realised that we were not the last to get home. The Baden-Baden Casino doesn’t close until 3.30am, and half our group decided to follow that up with a kebab. Needless to say, there were a few sore heads at breakfast the next day.