german high alpine road at fussen

Hungarian Grand Tour – Baden to Vienna

Driving from Baden-Baden to Vienna is no mean feat, but getting the miles done on the first few days of our driving holiday means more fun on the last few days in the mountains. Fortunately the German Autobahns remained relatively clear (and quick) as we headed to Fussen for a spot of lunch before attacking the German Alpine Road. Fussen is a picturesque alpine town that would not look out of place in a ski resort. With shops selling all varieties of Bavarian culture, but we were most interested in schnitzel and salad.

The German Alpine Road stretches 280 miles from Lindau to Konigsee. It would be great to do all of it, but there really are only so many hours in the day. The section east of Fussen is wonderfully varied, with long sweeping sections, followed by twisty and technical switchbacks.

Arriving in Vienna in the early evening was made even more pleasant as we were greeted by the valet of the Grand Hotel Wien. Park up, hand over the keys, and your car and luggage are whisked off to their respective bedrooms for the night. The hotel itself is vaguely reminiscent of the Dorchester, with a grand marble entrance, a sweeping staircase, and flowers everywhere. Most of the group ate at the bar in the main lobby, but everyone wound up having a few drinks in a wonderful little cocktail bar up the road. If someone can remind me of the name, we’d really appreciate it. The only problem with bars that stay open long past bedtime, is that it becomes very easy to forget what they’re called.

Next stop, the Hungarian Grand Prix!