hungaroring hungarian grand prix 2019

Vienna to the Hungarian Grand Prix

As the sun rose over the Vienna skyline and illuminated the stunning restaurant of the Grand Hotel Wien, we knew we were in for a superb day. The Hungaroring is about a 15 minute drive out of Budapest, so half the grand tourists decided to head for the Rudas Baths beforehand. These beautiful thermal baths date back to the 16th century and are exactly what you’d expect from this era. Also, for Arnold Schwarzenegger fans, this is where the opening scene of Red Heat was filmed.

As we approached the circuit, the main road into the Hungaroring was cordoned off. But the police spotted our VIP parking passes and guided us directly in. For anyone that’s had to endure the blustery airfield that is Silverstone, being escorted to the Grandstands by the Police feels quite special. The Hungaroring sits inside a natural bowl, and the parking gives the most incredible vista of the entire track.

Race-day was busy, not least because of the army of Max Verstappen fans dressed in orange. Our Grandstand was at the exit of the pitlane, just down from the start/finish line. While it would have been great to see the start itself, we definitely had the best seats. Two rows of Formula One cars going three-abreast into the first corner is not something you see every day. The race itself was epic, and we were also sat directly opposite a huge TV screen giving us constant updates of progress. Max Verstappen did everything he needed to win, but unfortunately it was not to be. Good work Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes AMG. All in all, a fantastic
Hungarian Grand Prix