The top of the stelvio pass

Graz to The Stelvio Pass

We were now very much into the ‘driving’ section of our driving holiday. After a leisurely morning getting to Innsbruck, we stopped at McDonalds to refuel our weary souls. Cheaper than our usual lunch spots, but the locals seemed pretty amused to see half a dozen Porsches parked-up outside.

In terms of driving roads, the one that goes from Innsbruck to Davos is about the best that Europe has to offer. Taking in the Stelvio Pass, the Fuorn Pass, the Punt dal Gall Dam, Munt la Schera Tunnel, and the Fluela Pass heading in to Davos itself.

The Stelvio is very tight and very technical. It is not a road to take a 5m long BMW M5, but the other guys in their irritatingly short-wheel based cars were having a ball. The roads were slippy and getting power down in the low gears was tricky. We stopped halfway up to let everything cool down a bit, and then again at the top to take in the view. Its not often you see snow in August, and it didn’t even feel that cold, but there was plenty of it at the top of the Stelvio Pass. We were also joined by the local tractor club who had very graciously waved us past as we approach the top.

In terms of traffic up the Stelvio, we were all pleasantly surprised. There’s no shortage of horror stories about this road being clogged up by caravans and cyclists, but apart from a handful of bikers, the road was pretty much ours.