Hungarian Grand Prix Grand Tourists

Final Night is Awards Night

The final night on every Grand Tour is awards night. We’d like to think that it’s the social event of the season, but we’ve had to accept that the Met Gala pips us, just. Not only is a lot of fun, but it’s also a good opportunity to thank everyone for being such brilliant guests, and also give a special thanks to some of the guests who really have traveled a long way. This year we had brothers Mark and Jake who came from Sri Lanka and Australia. We also had Billy and Greg who’d come from Miami and Boston. We were hosted by a beautiful local restaurant – Le Pre aux Clercs – who handed us their private dining room for the evening. The food and drink was fantastic, helped in some part by Jake from Australia who’s spent the last 30 years working in the wine business.

Awards are awarded for a variety of categories, but we normally just make them up as we go (no lack of professionalism here). The prize itself is a stunning gold trophy, about the size of a coke can. You might be thinking “sounds pretty rubbish” but these are treasured by the winners and coveted by those who didn’t quite make it.
At this Grand Tour, trophies were awarded for the following:

Driver Who Put Their Co-drivers Life Most at Risk
Winner: Billy from Miami who managed to have two passengers get out of his car and refuse to get back in

The Fear of Missing Out Award
Winner: The “Luton Boys” – who managed to stay out the latest, get up the earliest, get to the destination the first, go to all the Casinos, cities, and monuments along the way, irrespective how difficult it was to get to or get back from
The Causing and International Incident Award
Winners: Hits and Umesh, who decided to switch cars just before passing into Slovenia and forgetting to bring their passports with them. The only reason they got away was by showing the border guard their Grand Prix tickets and photos of the trip. And the border guard clearly not wanting to do the paperwork that would have gone with deporting two English dentists back to Manchester.

Spirit of The Grand Tour
Winner – Sanjay and Paren, who did the entire trip in a 2004 Diesel Golf!