Lewis Hamilton and Valteri Bottas Monza

Italian Grand Prix, via Como

Start your engines….its race day, and we’re off to the Italian Grand Prix from Monza! We stopped off in Lake Como for a spot of coffee. We stumbled into a beautiful little hidden restaurant that appeared to be preparing for a wedding that day. The head chef was clearly happy to have some tourists roll-up unannounced and served us all coffee and cake on the little jetty perched next to the boathouses.

The drive to Monza was fun given the locals assume speed limits are optional. Upon arrival we ventured into the circuit itself. Now, there are TWO lessons to be had from this. First, if your clients all have grandstand seats, don’t try to save money buying General Access (the view is crap unless you arrive 3 hours early). Second, when Davide Valsecchi announces that Vettel has spun do not, DO NOT, indicate that you are happy about this. And also do not clench your fists and yell “YESSS!!!”. The Tifosi are passionate in the same way that Millwall fans are passionate on derby day. However, it was a great day for Ferrari and for their adoring fans, and i think we were all delighted for Charles Leclerc.

The post-race track-walk was an incredible sea of red, and an experience that I won’t forget any time soon. Seeing a Ferrari on the top-step of the podium is great for the fans here, many of whom come to the race on a very tight budget. An incredible performance from all the drivers, teams and tifosi. A great trip to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix!!