Fairmont Monaco view

Monaco or Bust

Monaco is really my spiritual home. All I’m missing is the spare several million required to buy the yacht. Every time I’ve been, it’s been via Nice airport. This time we came from Genoa and headed straight for the Monaco Fairmont. The road is as fun on the way out as it is on the way in. Rather than snaking narrow downhill roads, you’re on a four-lane highway that sweeps upwards and out towards France.

We did a driver change just before the French border, which allowed me to take in the spectacular French Riviera. I realise I should focus on the scenic drive, but the scale of the construction required to bore holes through several dozen mountains is awe inspiring. The juxtaposition of the nature and mans desire to travel through it really was one of the highlights of this leg of the journey.

Once you arrive at Monaco coming from the east there’s no boring old tunnel followed by boring old car showrooms as the scenery slowly begins to look glamorous. Instead you arrive at the top of Monaco in amongst tower after tower of mega-money condos. It’s not often you feel like a superstar when trundling to work on the Central Line, but it was a nice experience rolling up to The Fairmont in a convoy of super cars. An experience not to be forgotten anytime soon!