Pretty Girl in Jimmys Monaco

Monte-Carlo or Bust – Part 2

So we’re now fully into what you might call the social part of the road trip, before the proper driving starts! So this is all about making the most of our time in Monaco. Unlike so many other places, it doesn’t matter what day it is there is always something fun going on in Monaco, which is why its a must on all European road trips. We’re joined for lunch by two of the other guys on the grand tour. Both great guys, and desperate to do the traditional Monaco touristy things like walk the grand prix circuit and then have a few beers overlooking the Casino.

Our lunch was at the restaurant of the Fairmont overlooking the ocean. Having driven a thousand miles, this was a real treat. And also a great opportunity to properly relax and tell some war stories of our adventures of the last few days.

As the booze flowed and the food ran dry we decided to walk the Monaco grand prix track too. This took us conveniently to The Rascasse. For anyone who spent their twenty’s in London, The Rascasse is basically a less-sticky version of the Clapham Grand. Enthusiastic young brits drinking too much Minuty and the occasional snakey-b. It really is a lot of fun and not remotely pretentious.

A university friend of mine who lives out there then joined us and suggested a trip to Jimmy’z Bar was a good idea. So we settled-up and headed off to join the jet-set. He also advised us that if an unfeasibly pretty girl strikes up a conversation, don’t assume it’s because of your charm and good looks. Ps. I’m related to the unfeasibly pretty girl!