Italy Lake

…..and ANOTHER Lake!

After taking more than a slight detour to go up the Route Napoleon, we’re more than glad that we did. The Route Napoleon is one of the more technical roads on our european road trip, very narrow in parts, with completely blinds corners in others. Ian’s Porsche Cayman GT4 was clearly having a rip-roaring time, Simons M5 less so. Did he  have to do a 3 point turn at one point? he said not, but i’m not so sure.

Nonetheless, thats all part of the fun. My e46 M3 really came into its own on this leg. While the up-rated calipers weren’t really tested to their fullest, the extra camber i added to fronts completely transformed the handling. Its not a light car by the standards of the day, but this afternoon it felt positively bantamweight.

Jay and I arrived at Annecy staying at the beautiful Grand Palace Hotel (note to self, book this place again). Its not super convenient for bars or restaurants but the view makes up for any shortcomings. The only thing that i was really missing was my Riva Aquarama and a pretty girl (my beautiful wife, obv) to sit on the front. As this was the last night, and as my Monaco hangover still lurked conspicuously in the background, i was happy to turn in early. It has been an utterly incredible few days, and tomorrow is the long leg back home.