Driving Holiday to the Monaco Historic Grand Prix

As another year draws towards a close we look towards next year, and the driving holidays we have planned. The Monaco Historic Grand Prix only rolls around once every couple of years, so Spring 2020 means it is a must-see. We last took a scenic car tour to the Monaco Historic in 2018 and it didn’t disappoint. While the guests had fantastic seats at The Rascasse, we also had a very generous offer to watch from one of the suites at the Fairmont Hotel. Seeing Formula One cars from our youth blasting down towards (what was) the Lowes Hairpin, and then shriek until the tunnel is a sight and sound to behold. The fact that the sun was also blazing really was the icing on the cake.

The reasons a driving holiday to the Monaco historic is so fantastic are too long to list here. As we’re just coming out of winter in blighty, and the Cote D’Azure is already sun-kissed and ready to host the throngs of tourists. Driving down through Reims, and then the Route Napoleon, the weather gets better in line with the exhilaration of the roads. We typically stay in Nice or Cannes as the value for money is significantly better than in Monaco. But as the Monaco Historic isn’t as crazy busy as the actual grand prix, you can still get a beer at most bars without feeling like you’re in a rugby scrum or about to be ripped off.

In the past we’ve also tried to arrange guest tickets at Rascasse. It might not have the glitz or glamour of Jimmyz, but its also far more down to earth. With live music and a real party atmosphere, it is just great fun. You might not see many drivers in here, but it’s a favourite of the teams. So if you spot one, make sure you offer them a drink, as you’ll then be able to tell your pals back home that you partied with “the guys from McLaren”. Or however you decide to spin it!