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Japanese Grand Prix Disaster for Ferrari

A Driving Holiday to the Japanese Grand Prix is a bit of a long way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pontificate about what went on. The Grand Prix from Suzuka was an interesting weekend. It makes us realise why we only run Driving Holidays in Europe rather than in Asia. The Typhoon that cancelled the rugby also mean that qualifying on Saturday was cancelled too. What we cannot do (without a load of people complaining) is transport a load of cars around the globe, only to discover that everyone has to hole-up in the hotel and sit around watching telly. So we’ll keep our scenic drives to the Swiss and Italian alps (for the moment).

It was an interesting race that I was really looking forward to. A track washed-green of all the rubber laid down in the previous three days, thousands of dedicated fans cheering on Honda, and a mixed-up grid promising to throw up a few surprises. The race didn’t disappoint either. Bottas stole the initiative from a hesitating Vettel and never let it go. And the three other title contenders managed to trip over each other on their way to the chequered flag. First up was Leclerc, having one of his worst weekends in a while, and clobbering Verstappen after losing downforce being stuck behind his team-mate on the run to the first corner. 20 laps later this meant Verstappen was gone. Next up was Hamilton, complaining over the radio that Leclercs body-work-shedding Ferrari was a danger to everyone. And it duly unfolded that way, taking Hamilton’s wing mirror with it. A weekend where Hamilton doesn’t extend his championship lead is as rare as hen’s teeth, but it looks like we’ll now have to wait until Austin until Lewis ties up his 6th world driver title.

On that note, we have considered a driving holiday from the Mexican Grand Prix to the Circuit of the Americas. If anyone is interested, send us an email and let us know!