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Hamilton Wins 6th WDC

Whilst settling back into the sofa with a warm cup of tea last night, I realised that a driving holiday to the US Grand Prix from Austin would be a bit of a schlep. Better off staying in blighty, with the rain, and the drizzle, and…I’m clearly insane. A driving holiday to Texas would be mega!

Starting an inauspicious 5th, Lewis Hamilton still looked like a shoe-in for a 6th WDC from the moment the lights went out on Sunday evening. As the cameras panned across the track you got such a fantastic view of what makes America so great. It’s the space! There’s no 2 hour crawl to get out of the circuit here, just RV after RV with enormous camping stoves and refrigerators full of beer. For most spectators this looked like a weekend spent at the circuit (unlike the GPGT style smash-and-grab). You’ve got to hand it to them, the Americans know how to put on a show. The circuit of the Americas has to be one of the great Grand Prix circuits, with its undulations, it fast and sweeping esses, and its wide entry into turn-1 making overtaking easy-peasy.

The race will also go down as one of the best of the season. With both Ferraris struggling to switch their tyres on, and getting swallowed up by the midfield in the opening laps. Incredible first laps from the McLaren duo, and a split strategy from Mercedes promising to result in a grandstand finish.

More commentary to follow, but until then we should just say well-done to Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 Team. Thanks for stringing it out until 3 races to go!