Verstappen does it again in Brazil

OK, I’m going to go out on a limb here; the Brazilian Grand Prix was the best of the year, fact! Just like a good film, this race had everything, including a marital tiff!

So what made the race so good? A combination of factors, but mostly that three different teams represented the top three spots on the grid. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this dynamic, as it tends to occur when the regulations reach a level of maturity that all teams converge on the same (most effective) solution. There was also the respective strengths of the differing cars, with Ferrari and Mercedes being quick on the straights, and Red Bull being handy through the twisty bits. But Interlagos has a lot of twisty bits, and while the leggy Mercedes made life tricky for Red Bull they simply couldn’t dominate in the same way.

While Mercedes were having a tricky afternoon, Ferrari was having a complete implosion. With Sebastian Vettel crashing into his teammate in an almost identical fashion to the way he did with Webber in 2010 (though this time wiping out two cars not one).While Ferrari and Mercedes were tripping over themselves and others, the rest of the grid were fortuitously capitalising on the chaos. First up was Alex Albon who managed to get himself into second place before being punted off by Lewis Hamilton. While Lewis regrouped, Pierre Gasly shot up his inside into second place and made it stick to the bitter end. It was a champion drive from Gasly, which even Hamilton recognised. And last step on the podium (a few hours late) goes to a resurgent McLaren being driven beautifully by Carlos Sainz Jnr. Sainz is a classy driver, and this is well earned recognition of that. Lets hope his podium is the first of many.