Falaises de Laval

Introducing our new Self Drive holidays

With the 2019 grand prix season lost to the mists of time, and still a few months before we can look forward to winter testing, we’ve turned our attention to something new. Our absolutely incredible self drive holidays! Over the coming weeks we’ll run a series of blog posts describing just how brilliant these little holidays are.

Now, we know we’re “Grand Prix” Grand Tours, which should really mean that every grand tour should include a Grand Prix, but sometimes that isn’t practical. So, selfless souls that we are, we’ve decided to give our guests the opportunity to drive these spectacular roads without being subjected to yours truly droning on at you about the relative merits of the Julier Pass over the Falaises de Laval (or whatever I happen to be droning on about that day).

Our new self-drive holidays are completely private and completely curated. This means that you get to go only with the person you’ve chosen to go with. And you also benefit from our bank of knowledge, built up over years of driving up and down mountains. Each self-drive guest gets their own guidebook with a variety of route options, difficultly level of each road, which to avoid in winter, and which to drive if you’d prefer arriving at your hotel by sundown.

We’ve also used our network of hotels to blag some fantastic room rates. If you thought the Intercontinental at Davos and Lyon were out of your budget, you’re wrong. Thought you’d never stay at the Fairmont in Monaco? Wrong again! What about the Kempinski in St Moritz? You can stay there too!
Keep your eye out over the coming weeks for a description of each new self-drive tour, and drop us a line if any of them take your fancy.

If you want to learn more, click here: self-drive holidays