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the Cote d’Azur Grand Tour

We might only be half-way through January, but our tours are selling fast than we thought. One Grand Tour in particular is doing very well, and that’s the French Grand Prix from Paul Ricard

Day 1 of driving takes you towards the French wine region. Passing through the pit straight of the original French Grand Prix at Reims-Gueux and then on to the capital of Champagne, Epernay. The first night is at the stunning Grand la Cloche in Dijon, with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from. There’s even an Irish bar (there’s always an Irish bar). Day 2 takes you south and on towards Montepllier, with two fantastic driving option – the Route Napoleon or Mont Ventoux. The following day is a relatively easy drive, so we always recommend doing as much of the Route Napoleon as you can – 200 miles of stunning shelf-road, all the way down to Cannes. But don’t worry, you can do as much or as little of it as you fancy. After all, there’s plenty of Rosé waiting for you at the end.

Sunday is Grand Prix day, and the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard is an absolute treat. First, there’s the opportunity to drive the Col de Gratteloup on the way to the Grand Prix. But also because you get to stay at the Fairmont in Monaco that night. There’s something quite special about staying in Monaco just after a Grand Prix (even if its not the Monaco Grand Prix), and there is no shortage of opportunities for eating and drinking.
Monday is a day for driving along the stunning riviera road, via Aurelia, towards Milan where you’ll be staying at the Excelsior Gallia. If you ever wondered where the budget goes on these trips, a night here explains everything. You’re also going to need some R&R because the penultimate day is driving day. It’s one of the longest days on the tour, but also the most rewarding. Passing through almost every great Alpine Pass in Europe, you’ll have your work cut out choosing which you want to do again and again. There the Black Forest, The Furka Pass, Susten Pass, Grimsel Pass, Oberalp Pass, to name but a few. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you towards the one’s you’ll enjoy the most.

Arriving in Baden-Baden that night you’ve got the option of chilling at the hotel over a few beers, or heading into the stunning Casino. Yes, dear reader, we also give you the chance to pretend to be Bond for an evening.

And for everyone else, its an early night before heading to the Nordschleife* on the way home!

*if its open