Running Grand Prix Tours in Times of Crisis

When starting a business, one looks at the obvious risks that may have to be dealt with – economic downturn, travel disruption post-Brexit, closure of a hotel, ad nauseum. What rarely pops into anyone’s mind when arranging a driving holiday to a Grand Prix is Zombie Apocalypse. So, we haven’t planned for it. Well, not quite.

When forming any travel business, one needs to adhere to the relevant legislation. For us that means the EU Package Holiday Directive. The definition of a Package Holiday is a holiday with three elements sold for a single price i.e. Travel into Europe, Hotels along the driving tour route, and Tickets to the Grand Prix.

It doesn’t take Michael Barnier to tell you that typical EU Directives are woefully complicated and, as a small business, we do not have a team of lawyers working through the night to tell us exactly what we need to do. For that we rely on third party expertise, and that means becoming a member of the Travel Trust Association (TTA). It took around 6 months to become members, including business case, numerous telephone calls, and a face-to-face meeting to ensure we were a credible business. But in the end it was well worth the effort.

There are two primary benefits to our membership. The first is that we adhere to all EU Package Holiday Directive rules. The second, most important element, is important for our guests. When you book your Grand Prix Package, Driving Tour, or Self-Drive Holiday, the money you pay to us does not actually go to us. Every penny our guests hand to us is placed in a trust account with TTA. We cannot access a single penny until our guests holiday is complete.

There is an outside chance that due to the disruption resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak, we may have to cancel the Monaco Grand Prix Grand Tour. We have already begun reaching out to guests to advise them that while we do not want to do that, their safety is our priority. And, in the event that we do have to take such action, they will be entitled to a full refund. We can do that because their money is secure, held in Trust with the TTA.