Introducing Group Drives

It wasn’t just Daniel Ricciardo that was ‘gutted’ at the cancellation of the Monaco Grand Prix. When the Automobile Club de Monaco cancelled both the Monaco Grand Prix and the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, disappointed was not the word! And spare a thought for the couple of dozen Grand Prix Grand Tourists that also had their holiday plans scuppered.

But when a driving holiday is forcibly cancelled, we don’t just sit here on our hands and do nothing about it. We find another reason to get out and enjoy our machinery. That’s why, when the Zombie Apocalypse finally ends, we’re going to be running some early morning group drives.

In essence we’ll start at 7am and take a spirited jaunt through the Chiltern Hills, South Downs, North Downs, or wherever gives us the prettiest views and windiest roads.

The Zig-Zag, Snake-Pass, and Bledlow Ridge might not be a patch on the Fluela Pass, Susten Pass, or Mont Cenis, but they’re ours, and that’s good enough until the travel restrictions are lifted. Hopefully this will happen within the three weeks that was promised, and if we promise to stay isolated in our vehicles, then we’re Corona-Virus friendly too. With that in mind, our first drive is planned for the morning of April 19th. You know what to do!