Reminiscences of the Monaco Grand Prix

Is there anything more frustrating than sitting at Grand Tours Towers, staring out of the window, and dreaming of a swift blast down the Route Napoleon on our way to Monaco? Yes, dreaming of blasting down to Monaco knowing that we’re not allowed to! But the world faces bigger problems at the moment, so we’ve been trying to find things to take our mind off things.

One thing that’s been occupying me recently is old school YouTube videos of the Monaco Grand Prix. Head to Monaco towards the end of May on most years and you will not be able to move. The grandstands are huge, the crowds are vast, and the teams roll up with several hundred people each. Watching highlights from the 1980 Monaco Grand Prix and you realise that things were very different when I was a young boy. The first thing that strikes you is how slow the cars are, but cast your gaze elsewhere and things are even stranger. People are milling around, not just from the grandstand to the loo, but actually walking around the circuit DURING THE RACE! The grandstands are also teeny-tiny. The grandstands that now line the harbour, from the exit of the tunnel all the way to Rascasse, seat thousands and thousands of people. Back in 1980 the swimming pool had a single grandstand, and most people were simply stood at the barriers.

Whether it’s an official film, or not, we cant say. But for as long as it remains on youtube, its compelling viewing all the same: