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F1 Packages to Look Forward to in 2021

As the 2021 F1 calendar is due to be released in the (hopefully) coming weeks, we’d like to give you a flavour of what we have in store for our guests next year. Dutch Grand Prix Package The race that was supposed to come out of retirement this year is now happening next year. Local […]

Monaco Grand Prix and Historic – to Fly or to Drive?

Picture the scene, a sunny spring Friday morning arrives. After your coffee and croissant (or tea and Weetabix), you grab your hand luggage and head for the airport. Within a couple of hours you’re on European soil and, depending on your package, you’re met by your chauffeur or your helicopter pilot and whisked to your […]

Helping Our Partners Run Their Tours

When we’re not running tours, booking F1 packages, we also have a number of partners that we work with. This week we’re helping out the hugely successful Queens Square Bristol Drivers Club run their European Tour. Being a fully regulated tour operator means we can arrange tours for large groups that car clubs or individuals […]

The Post-Lockdown Grand Tour (12th – 16th September)

With the 2020 F1 season a complete wash-out for spectators, the team at GPGT Towers have been scratching our heads to think of something to do instead. After literally several minutes of head scratching, we have come up with (drum-roll please): The Post Lockdown Grand Tour! If the idea of waiting until 2021 to get […]

2020 – What a year so far!

With COVID19 affecting everyone, in some way or form, we’ve all been affected. With a very heavy heart we have had to postpone all European Grand Prix driving tours. Due to the way we secure all booking monies in trust, we have been able to offer everyone an immediate refund on their holiday. Fortunately, the […]

The Grand Tour Driver – Who is The Stig?

Who is the Stig? It’s been a slow news week so we thought we’d write a piece on the current Grand Tour Driver. We know who the Stig is, or was. First it was one time F1 racer, Perry McCarthy. Then it was (allegedly) actual F1 racer (and champion) Damon Hill. Rumour has it that […]

C’était un rendez-vous avec Charles Leclerc

Those of us of a certain age may remember a certain urban myth, usually from friends with older brothers, of a lunatic driver doing 150mph through Paris in a Ferrari. Such tales were almost always embellished to such a degree that 150mph became 200mph, and the driver became an actual F1 driver – Jacky Ickx […]