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The Post-Lockdown Grand Tour (12th – 16th September)

With the 2020 F1 season a complete wash-out for spectators, the team at GPGT Towers have been scratching our heads to think of something to do instead. After literally several minutes of head scratching, we have come up with (drum-roll please): The Post Lockdown Grand Tour! If the idea of waiting until 2021 to get […]

The Grand Tour Driver – Who is The Stig?

Who is the Stig? It’s been a slow news week so we thought we’d write a piece on the current Grand Tour Driver. We know who the Stig is, or was. First it was one time F1 racer, Perry McCarthy. Then it was (allegedly) actual F1 racer (and champion) Damon Hill. Rumour has it that […]

The Future of F1….Could be Very Bright Indeed

Cast your minds back to the 2010 F1 season. OK, you may need some reminding that it was the year that Sebastian Vettel won his first world drivers crown at the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Now that we’ve reminded you, you may also remember that Fernando Alonso spent the bulk of […]

Reminiscences of the Monaco Grand Prix

Is there anything more frustrating than sitting at Grand Tours Towers, staring out of the window, and dreaming of a swift blast down the Route Napoleon on our way to Monaco? Yes, dreaming of blasting down to Monaco knowing that we’re not allowed to! But the world faces bigger problems at the moment, so we’ve […]

Austria To Be First Grand Prix of 2020

Another day, another Grand Prix cancellation. This time, it’s the French Grand Prix has been kicked into the long-grass. When start dates for the Formula One season were being bounced around, it was seen as key that F1 begin in a ‘traditional’ venue. This meant that anywhere outside Europe was a ‘no’. As France was […]

F1 Crisis Talks and Spending

F1 officials met (virtually) this week for a meeting chaired by Ross Brawn and Chase Carey. These are precarious time for teams and Formula One (let alone the organisers), the latter of which has furloughed staff and cut pay across the board. And they’re the lucky ones. If your team is backed by FIAT, Daimler, […]

F1 Teams Helping to Fight Covid-19

There doesn’t seem to be much to be happy about right now. Whether it’s as small as spending Sunday afternoon with nothing to watch, to people being arrested for buying Easter Eggs. Generally speaking it’s doom and gloom whether you’re a Grand Prix fan or not. So we’ve been sniffing about for a bit of […]

Introducing Group Drives

It wasn’t just Daniel Ricciardo that was ‘gutted’ at the cancellation of the Monaco Grand Prix. When the Automobile Club de Monaco cancelled both the Monaco Grand Prix and the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, disappointed was not the word! And spare a thought for the couple of dozen Grand Prix Grand Tourists that also had […]

The State of F1’s Rookies

The last few years have been flush with incredible Formula One talent. Back in 2016 there seemed a dearth of F1 rising stars. The Red Bull stable seemed pretty bare, as Dr Helmut Marko sent hospital passes in the direction of Brendan Hartley, or anyone else who was prepared to stand in the way of […]

Sporting Events, Globalisation and Grand Prix

One of the things the younger generation take for granted, especially those of us that live near to an international airport, is the ability to travel. Within a few hours you can be at the location of almost any European Grand Prix. Monaco Grand Prix, no problem, a 1hour 45minute flight. Italian Grand Prix, no […]