Cross Continental Driving Holiday, to Mexico?

OK, so not a driving holiday to Mexico, but a fly-drive and a couple of Grand Prix sounds pretty cool to us! While mulling the January weather at GPGT Towers a year ago, it struck us that one fantastic trip would be a pair of Grand Prix across two consecutive weekends. Land in Mexico City, collect a thundering V8 from Hertz, watch Lewis Hamilton win (yet another) drivers crown at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, and then thunder up the road to the Circuit of The Americas the following weekend.    Admittedly we’d have to fly there and back, but that’s just detail.

I’ve been a huge fan of driving in the states since my wife and I took a Dodge Challenger along the 101 from Napa to Los Angeles. Car rental in the US is cheap, and the gasoline (that’s ‘petrol’ to you and me) is even cheaper. You can get your hands on all manner of eco-unfriendly vehicles without wincing each time you step on the loud pedal. So a leisurely drive between the two Grand Prix has been something we’ve fancied doing for a while.

So what about the route? Well, it’s 17 hours direct drive between the two circuits, which is probably a bit short for an entire week, but there are some seriously epic places to stop off along the way. Driving the coast road from Tampico, crossing the border at Brownsville, and then stopping for a couple of nights in Dallas before the race would be truly epic. And if Lewis Hamilton doesn’t get it sewn-up in Mexico, you’ll be Austin to see it as well.

Though if that all sounds a bit pedestrian, anyone fancy driving to the Brazilian GP instead?