Ferraris Eurotunnel

British Roads vs French Roads

Final day of our driving holiday and its just a case of slogging it up the motorway. the road that runs east of Paris and through Lille (i think it was Lille) is pretty in its own mundane way. But crucially, there are almost no cars on ths road, and those that are are driving in the correct lane (rant over)! Looking at the clock i think we all realised that we’d woken up too late so we needed a bit of focus to get to Calais on time (toilet stops were not optional on this leg of the journey). But we all arrived in time to squeeze in a Burger King before boarding.

London has been my home for over twenty years, and i love the place. Distance obviously makes the heart grow fonder and i was really looking forward to getting back home. That was until half a mile from the Eurostar in Folkestone when we hit immediate roadworks, traffic, contraflows, and 40mph motorway zones. France and Spain, by way of example, have roughly double the landmass of the UK and a smaller population, and you can really feel it on the roads. The UK is a relatively well oiled machine, but its a little bit like the magic gearboxes manufactured by Williams F1 Team…..snug! And thats probably the best note to end on. We spend small fortunes on our pride and joy. If you don’t get to drive them properly, then you’re in need of a Grand Prix Grand Tour.