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Grand Prix Packages to Enjoy This Summer

The last few weeks have finally given Grand Prix fans something to look forward to. The Circuit de Catalunya have confirmed that spectators will be allowed in to watch the Spanish Grand Prix. The Automobile Club de Monaco have confirmed that the Monaco Grand Prix will be going ahead. And our dear leaders have shown us some light at the end of a 15-month long tunnel! There is even increased chatter about vaccine passports (for those lucky enough to have been jabbed!). So what can we look forward to in the coming year:

French Grand Prix Package: 25th – 28th June

If Monaco is a bit too soon, but you still fancy a long weekend on the French Riviera, then how about the French Grand Prix from Paul Ricard. Ticket numbers are restricted but we can still squeeze you in. Prices start from £899 per person, which gets you 3 nights in the port of Marseilles, return flights from London, all transfers, and Grandstand seating.

Full details here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/french-grand-prix-package/

Austrian Grand Prix Package: 2nd – 5th July

Who wouldn’t want to spend a long weekend in Vienna interspersed with a Grand Prix from the Styrian Mountains? If Alpine sophistication is what you’re after then we highly recommend the Austrian Grand Prix. Even the Bronze Package includes 3 nights at the stunning 4* Hilton Danube Waterfront hotel. Prices start from £899 per person, which includes return flights, 3 Nights accommodation, Grandstand Seats for Race & Qualifying, and all transfers.

Full details here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/austrian-grand-prix-package/

Hungarian Grand Prix Package: 30th Jul – 2nd Aug

Flight prices to Budapest have begun to shoot up in the last few weeks, but there are still some great deals to be had. Prices start from £949 per person, which includes return flights from Gatwick, 3 Nights at the 4* Hard Rock Hotel Budapest, Grandstand Seats for Race & Qualifying, and all transfers.

Full details here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/hungarian-grand-prix-package/

Belgian Grand Prix Package: 27th – 30th August

Happy to brave the weather? if so, you’ll be in for some fantastic racing. The Belgian Grand Prix is loved by the drivers and the fans in equal measure. That’s partly because you’ll be staying in stunning 4&5* hotels in Brussels, home of some of the worlds best/strongest beers. Prices start from £899 per person, but if you’re happy to spend that bit more, our Silver Package offers incredible value for money. As with all our other packages, that price includes flights (or Eurostar), all transfers, and Grandstand seats.

Full details here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/belgian-grand-prix-package/

Dutch Grand Prix Package: 3rd – 6th September

This is the race EVERYONE has been waiting for, and we only have a few places left. Prices start from £1,199 per person which includes 3 nights in Amsterdam, return flights, all your transfers, and Grandstand Seats for Race & Qualifying. If you want to see a mad dutchman carve-up the field, cheered on by equally mad Dutch fans, then book early.

Full details here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/dutch-grand-prix-package/

All packages offered by Grand Prix Grand Tours come with full COVID protection, meaning that if the race doesn’t happen, you don’t pay.
Full list of Grand Prix Packages can be found here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/f1-packages/

Fancy a Spring-Time Trip to Barcelona or Bahrain?

Before we jump into our obligatory sales-pitch, a quick nod a certain Haas driver. Without the improvements in safety, and the quick-thinking of those first on the scene, things could have been so much worse for Romain Grosjean. Formula One Grand Prix racing is a celebration of human potential and serves as a symbol of what is possible when people have a common purpose. But that celebration should not come at any cost and, thankfully, last weekend it did not. We wish Romain a speedy recovery!

We’ve now had two Grands Prix in Bahrain in as many weekends, so if you fancy some late winter sun then we’re offering you the perfect escape. In addition to Bahrain, the good people at the Circuit de Catalunya have also offered us their wares and we now have Spanish Grand Prix tickets on pre-release too!. So if you fancy seeing either the Bahrain Grand Prix or Spanish Grand Prix, with none of the hassle, then read-on!

Bahrain Grand Prix Package: 25th – 29th March

With prices from as little as £1,249pp, the Bahrain Grand Prix Package has to be the deal of the decade (or the Christmas period, at least). All packages include BA Return flights, 4 Nights Hotel Accommodation in Manama, and all transfers to the Sakhir circuit. If you’re looking to top-up your tan, and don’t fancy risking life-and-limb on the slopes, then a trip to the desert is the only choice. The hotels are incredible, the beaches are incredible, the 6h 30min flight time is incredible. Oh, and the GPGT Team will be on hand to meet, greet, and generally look after you.

And we’d also like to know if we’ll see George Russell in a set of Mercedes overalls a year early!

Full details here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/bahrain-grand-prix-package/

Spanish Grand Prix Package: 7th – 10th May

The Circuit de Catalunya is a mere 30 minutes from downtown Barcelona, which means the Spanish Grand Prix Package puts you right in the middle of all the action. Barcelona really does have it all, a fantastic night-life, a beautiful beach, more tapas bars than you can shake a stick at, and Alonso making his F1 return! With Sainz in a Ferrari and Alonso in a Renault, the atmosphere at the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix is set to be epic.

Prices also start from £899pp, including flights, 3 nights 4* hotel accommodation, grandstand tickets, and all transfers.

Full details here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/spanish-grand-prix-package/

All packages offered by Grand Prix Grand Tours come with full COVID protection, meaning that if the race doesn’t happen, you don’t pay.
Full list of Grand Prix Packages can be found here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/f1-packages/

Provisional 2021 F1 Calendar

Provisional 2021 MotoGP Calendar Released

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we announced that the provisional F1 Calendar had been distributed to teams (in secret). Now we have an actual (provisional) 2021 MotoGP Calendar released by the FIM.

The 2020 MotoGP calendar has been absolutely decimated as a result of Covid 19. Now, with enhancements to treatment, track and trace, and a multitude of vaccines in the pipeline, there is renewed hope that racing can get underway properly in 2021.

The 2021 MotoGP Calendar kicks off in the middle east at the Losail Circuit in Qatar. This is followed by an Argentine and American double-header in mid April. The European season begins in Jerez on 2nd May. The French, Italian, Catalan, German and Dutch rounds follow in quick succession.

One absence from the calendar is Brno, in the Czech Republic, though the “TBC” placeholder in the middle of the calendar. However, Brno does have a contract in place for 2021, therefore a date should be on the final/approved calendar. Should this not go ahead, there are a number of ‘provisional’ rounds in the form of Portugal, Indonesia, and Russia.

While we don’t yet know final dates or prices, if you’d like an idea what our 2021 MotoGP Packages will include, take a look at our list here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/motogp-packages/

As per the past 12 months, the globe is still battling with a pandemic, and all the disruption that this is causing is likely to have some affect on the calendar. As ever we want to reassure all our guests that in the event of a race cancellation, or race behind closed doors, they will be entitled to a full refund. All 2020 guests were refunded within that statutory 14 day period.

Full Provisional 2021 MotoGP Calendar:

14-16 February – Shakedown Test
19-21 February – Sepang Test
10-12 March – Qatar Test

28 March – Qatar
11 April – Argentina
18 April – America
2 May – Spain
16 May – France
30 May – Italy
6 June – Catalunya
20 June – Germany
27 June – Netherlands
11 July – Finland**
15 August – Austria
29 August – Britain
12 September – Aragon
19 September – Misano
3 October – Japan
10 October – Thailand
24 October – Australia
31 October – Malaysia
14 November – Valencia

Portugal – Algarve International Circuits
Indonesia – Mandalika International Street Circuit**
Russia – Igora Driver Circuit

Provisional 2021 F1 Calendar Released (in secret)

Depending on how much time you waste on Facebook, you may have seen us post a bit of gossip about a ‘leaked’ 2021 F1 calendar. And with itchy trigger-fingers itching, we went and updated our website to reflect that calendar. Which you can find here: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/f1-packages/

No firm dates unfortunately means no firm prices, so everything feels a bit “TBC” right now. But the packages shown online should bear a pretty close resemblance to what you’ll get when we have everything locked-down. “When will that be?” we hear you ask. Well we’ve been asking that since August, and an answer might be a little closer.

It was revealed this morning that Formula One is to release the proposed calendar to teams in a ‘secret’ meeting this afternoon. This meeting will presumably take place in an underground lair, with a solitary bright-red telephone on a boardroom table, where henchmen dressed in identical grey jumpsuits will render any dissenters immobile with a solitary kung-fu chop to the windpipe . Or on Skype. Either way, it looks like plans for 2021 are gathering pace, which is fantastic news for everyone.

What will that calendar look like? Incumbent Grand Fromage, Chase Carey, has been quite clear that he wants the 2021 calendar to resemble the 2020 calendar as closely as possible. So if you enjoyed Mugello, Eiffel, and Portimao, you might be in for a bit of a wait to see them again (hopefully 2022). But if you enjoyed seeing actual fans enjoy an actual race yesterday, then hopefully it wont be long before you can do the same. Watch this space!

Hondas F1 Departure and Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes Deal

Hondas most recent departure from F1 has some interesting implications, and not just for Red Bull and Alpha Tauri. Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, and Max Verstappen suddenly become the main protagonists in a saga set to add extra chilli to an already spicy 2020 season. Lets look at how.

It is no secret that Mercedes have long had their eye on Max Verstappen, only missing out on his services in 2015 because Red Bull Racing had space in its stable to offer him a full race seat. This once in a generation talent is the heir apparent to an ageing Lewis Hamilton who, until recently, was tipped to sign another three-year deal with the benchmark race team. But could this deal be kicked into the long grass?

Verstappen is signed to Red Bull until 2023. But all teams, and all drivers, have get-out clauses in their contracts (see Sergio Perez 2020, and Kimi Raikonnen 2009). Added to the fact that if a driver doesn’t want to race for you any more, there’s not much you can do about it (see Nico Rosberg 2016, and Sebastian Vettel 2007).

For Red Bull, 2020 and 2021 were supposed to be building years, as they geared up for their title push in 2022, spearheaded by Verstappen and powered by Honda. But how committed is Honda going to be when they know that at the end of the year they’re off?  It might be an unfair question, but its certainly one that Max Verstappen will be asking. He’ll also be acutely aware that he’s not a fresh-faced 17 year old anymore, and if he wants to surpass Lewis Hamilton he needs to get on with it. So if you were Max, would you be checking your contract for the bit that says “if we don’t have a works engine deal, I can go where I like”? And who would you be picking up the phone to?

Toto Wolff heads up the best team ever, with (arguably) the best driver ever. But Lewis Hamilton is also a driver who turns 37 in 2022, and charges a Kings Ransom for his services. So if you knew you could secure a driver 12 years younger than Lewis, with potentially the same skill and speed, would you pass up such an opportunity? Maybe not.

Christian Horner might argue until he’s blue-in-the-face that “our drivers are under contract until 2023” but he knows the deal, and he knows he’ll be shot if he doesn’t cover all bases. If Max goes, then that leaves him with Alex Albon, Danil Kvyat, and recent race-winner Pierre Gasly. All three have driven for the senior team, with varying degrees of success. If Max goes, who do you promote to Red Bull, and who do you bring in to Alpha Tauri? Antonio Felix da Costa has been mentioned, but Red Bull doesn’t have a great history of bringing in previously discarded talent (see Brendan Hartley).  If you want a regular point-scorer, and someone that can be relied upon to get the most out of the car, without intermittently sticking it in the wall, then you need to look outside your current line-up. Enter Sergio Perez! Perez is an ex-Ferrari Junior, ex-McLaren driver, and 8-time podium finisher. He also brings a huge amount of experience, and an even bigger amount of sponsorship from long-term backer (and Telmex CEO) Carlos Slim.

Surely this would go against the Red Bull philosophy of only promoting from within? Well, not really. Sebastian Vettel wasn’t a Red Bull junior, he was a BMW junior. Similar story for Max Verstappen, who had no connection with RBR until they hired him. In fact, up until Monza a few weeks ago, the Red Bull driver academy has only produced one race-winner, Daniel Ricciardo.

So there you have it, Perez to Red Bull for 2021, a 1 year extension for Lewis, and Verstappen to Mercedes in 2022.

p.s. in the highly unlikely scenario that I’m right, you heard it here first!