All Grand Prix tickets will be for a Grandstand at a prime location. Typically this means the main straight or, where these are unavailable, we ensure that you get the next best seats possible……such as the exit Radillon at Spa, or turns 1 or 2 at Barcelona.

Road Trips are based on 2 people per car, meaning 2 per room, and 2 Grand Prix tickets.

Each booking is per car, based on 2 people sharing a room. Should you wish to have 1 room each then please contact us and we can see if the hotel can accomadate.

We try to get the bulk of the motorway driving done on the first day, so that we can dedicate the rest of the journey to the routes that are either more fun or more scenic. Most days will include roughly 5 hours of driving which means that you have plenty of time to stop somewhere scenic for lunch, or stop off at local landmarks.

Hotels are listed on the itinerary section of the Tour pages. In the rare case that a certain hotel is full at the time of booking we will a) let you know in advance, and b) ensure that an equivalent hotel is booked. All hotels are pre-selected by our recce team to ensure quality is 5*.

Everyone from husband and wife teams with grandkids back home, to the city slickers with a stable of supercars parked beneath their penthouse. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, or which walk of life you come from, only that you share a sense of adventure and a passion for all things automotive.

Tolls are a pain, so we recommend all drivers purchase a toll Road-Tag so you don’t have to queue. These can be bought online from Emovis (www.emovis-tag.co.uk).

Deposits are non-refundable as they are used to pay for our non-refundable items such as channel crossing, Grand Prix ticket, and hotel deposits. However, if we can fill your space with someone on the waiting list then we will happily refund you.

Only breakfast. The cost of your trip includes everything except food, drink, and fuel (and tyres and brakes and anything worn out in the course of enthusiastic driving).

At the start of your adventure we’ll provide you with a recommended route to take for each leg of the journey, this will also included suggest spots to stop off for lunch. Typically we recommend stopping at well known towns or historical locations.

One thing we work very hard to ensure is that your pride and joy has safe and secure so spend the evening. However, we have to stress that we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to vehicles during any part of the trip.

We have a maximum of 30 cars on each road trip, but we try to keep it to around 20.

Of course, and on each trip we will have a wide variety of cars and values. We’ve had as many Ferrari Enzo’s as we’ve had Citroen Saxo’s. Its not important what you brought to drive, only that you enjoy driving what you’ve brought.

At the start of your adventure we’ll provide you with a recommended route to take for each leg of the journey. Grand Prix Road Trips isn’t just about going to the Grand Prix, its about taking in some of the worlds best driving roads along the way. We want to make sure you have the best opportunity possible to experience these roads.

Based on a fuel economy of 22MPG, the average car emits 0.8 tons of carbon dioxide over a 2,000 mile journey (Source: EPA). This is less than a 2-person return flight to Nice, which creates 0.9 tons of carbon dioxide (Source: myclimate.org). So, the entire trip is a lot better for the environment than flying a similar distance. Additionally, we are planning to roll out a carbon-neutrality initiative later this year, which will offset your carbon footprint using a variety of projects that help the environment.

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