Provisional 2021 F1 Calendar Released (in secret)

Depending on how much time you waste on Facebook, you may have seen us post a bit of gossip about a ‘leaked’ 2021 F1 calendar. And with itchy trigger-fingers itching, we went and updated our website to reflect that calendar. Which you can find here:

No firm dates unfortunately means no firm prices, so everything feels a bit “TBC” right now. But the packages shown online should bear a pretty close resemblance to what you’ll get when we have everything locked-down. “When will that be?” we hear you ask. Well we’ve been asking that since August, and an answer might be a little closer.

It was revealed this morning that Formula One is to release the proposed calendar to teams in a ‘secret’ meeting this afternoon. This meeting will presumably take place in an underground lair, with a solitary bright-red telephone on a boardroom table, where henchmen dressed in identical grey jumpsuits will render any dissenters immobile with a solitary kung-fu chop to the windpipe . Or on Skype. Either way, it looks like plans for 2021 are gathering pace, which is fantastic news for everyone.

What will that calendar look like? Incumbent Grand Fromage, Chase Carey, has been quite clear that he wants the 2021 calendar to resemble the 2020 calendar as closely as possible. So if you enjoyed Mugello, Eiffel, and Portimao, you might be in for a bit of a wait to see them again (hopefully 2022). But if you enjoyed seeing actual fans enjoy an actual race yesterday, then hopefully it wont be long before you can do the same. Watch this space!