The Big 3 Alpine Passes

The Big Three Mountain Passes

For those not content with just doing The Stelvio, The Fuorn, and The Fluella, day 5 gave them an opportunity to rectify that. Davos to Dijon is not a long trip, and for a few more hours you have the chance to do The Big 3 alpine passes; the Susten-Grimsel-Furka!

The Big 3 were attacked by the Porsche 718, both C63s, the 911 Carrera 4, and the M4. As with the previous days driving, the roads were a mix of tight and technical, followed by fast and sweeping mid-speed corners which everyone loved. With its mid-engine and low centre-of-gravity, it was the Porsche 718 that performed the best. Proper sports cars really are wonderful on these roads, so much so that they can be forgiven for making your life a bit difficult on the thousand miles of motorway that joins them up. But for those wanting a good balance, it was the 2018 Mercedes C63 AMG that really worked best. Easy on the motorway and, with that short wheelbase, absolute joy through the twisty bits.

For those you wondering why the Grand Tour M5 didn’t make it, we are ashamed to say that we headed to Dijon for some well earned relaxation.