Holidays are the most excitingpart of any year and if you have chosen to go for driving holidays that are inEurope, you have made the best decision of the year. Grand Prix Grand Tours organise the best road trips to the most exotic destinations in Europe. The scenic roads that they hand-pick make your trip even more exciting.

Pros Of Going On Driving Holidays

It goes without saying that driving holidays are far easier and convenient than air travel, given an airport is not required. That charm of being on the road and in the middle of picturesque countrysideis phenomenal.

• You can have a lot of fun without disturbing anyone unlike in any public transport.
• You can literally live every moment of your trip.
• It can help stress relief.
• It helps you in connect with likeminded people that you will meet on each trip.
• Driving holidays give you an altogether unique experience.

Grand Prix Grand Tours take you to exhilarating driving roads like Stelvio Pass, Nivolet Pass in Italy. We can take you through Mont Ventouxand the Route Napoleon. From shelf-roads in France to the serene Switzerland passes, we have them all covered. The beautiful Furka and Bernina Pass will leave you jaw dropped with its incredibly vistas above the clouds.

If you have hard core interest in automotive, we arrange the best tours that you can’t even think of. We have historic and contemporary grand prix, plus world touring cars and concours d’elegance. By organising your stay in the best hotels and arranging your meals in continental restaurants our tourism adds cherry on the cake. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your driving holidays to Europe with us and we will make sure you get the best of our services. Feel free to contact us for more details.