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F1 Teams Helping to Fight Covid-19

There doesn’t seem to be much to be happy about right now. Whether it’s as small as spending Sunday afternoon with nothing to watch, to people being arrested for buying Easter Eggs. Generally speaking it’s doom and gloom whether you’re a Grand Prix fan or not. So we’ve been sniffing about for a bit of good news, and we finally found some.

With a good few hours to fill before the next race, the F1 teams have been helping the British Government (and therefore us) by pooling their resources into something called Project Pitlane. The seven ‘British’ teams of Red Bull, Racing Point, Haas, McLaren, Mercedes, Renault and Williams, have begun helping by using their vast technical resources to produce urgently needed medical equipment. This includes things like ventilators, which are so important in helping prevent invasive medical procedures. When you have state-of-the-art design and build equipment, this is a fantastic use of time and resources

This is a good news story for a number of reasons. First, it confirms that British spirit that says we won’t allow this to get us down, and we will do everything we can to beat this. And why will we do this? Well, the obvious answer is ‘to save lives’, but I believe there is more to it than that. One of the reasons that Ayrton Senna was so popular in his home country was because Brazil was going through such economic hardship at the time. People wanted a hero, someone to cheer on, and to celebrate. A hero allows people to cast their stresses aside and LIVE. When times are hard, like they are now, we want to beat that hardship so that we can go motor-racing. Not because going motor-racing is vastly important in itself (because its not), but because the human endeavour involved in going Grand Prix motor-racing is a celebration of everything that life is about. To paraphrase JFK, we choose to go Grand Prix Motor-racing not because it is easy, but because it is hard!