COVID & How We Protect Our Guests Funds

Not a day goes by when we don’t see, or hear, more bad news about COVID and the problems we all face. That’s why Grand Prix Grand Tours have changed the way we do business, to help protect our guests, and deliver a service that inspires confidence that nobody will be left out to dry.

It’s very easy to say “100% Money Back Guarantee” and similarly bold statements, but what do those words actually mean? In the event a company ceases trading, that “100% Guarantee” is little more than words and good intentions. But Grand Prix Grand Tours is different (we would say that, but it is true). When you book a holiday through us, we do not see a penny of your money until your holiday is complete. That’s because your money is held in trust by the Travel Trust Association. So if the worst happens, our guests hard-earned holiday money won’t have been used to pay for our office space, it will be sat there with the TTA. Gathering dust, you might say, but very secure.

Such a set-up doesn’t come without its own challenges. Cashflow is a challenge for even the most successful businesses. But extra headache for us, means peace-of-mind for you. To us, that’s worth its weight on gold.

So if you’re thinking about booking a holiday, but aren’t sure who to trust, then look for the “Travel Trust Association 100%” logo at the bottom of your Tour Operators website. Because if the worst happens, you can be sure that your money is secure.